Now, neither Bhishma nor Drona ever came close to killing Arjuna even once, though they fought for several days. Heroic Vrikodara roared, “Is this your conduct, evil-minded Krishna? Smart boy more than link actually its event and conversation which should tally. Why shouldn’t Pandavas punish him for his insult to their wife ? “On the sixteen day of the battle,Karna defeated Arjuna by cutting of his bow (‘You mean Cutting Gandeeva, which Arjua carries till he is about to die!! ( Log Out /  Though she belonged to kshatriya race, still she was a woman. That’s why he gifted his Vijaydhanush. I respect other characters, but sorry, my first n true love just for Karna =), Karna came to know he is kshathriya only from Krishna just before the war. Reply Delete Lord Krishna saved Arjuna from bhargavastra when arjuna admitted that this astra of karna was unconquerable. Niraj. 2. Ofcourse, demons grow powerful at night but Drona is no ordinary warrior. shayad sahi muhurt ka chunav. Its not like others in the epic had a perfect like and Karna was the only one to be short changed. I am also an admirer of Arjuna and I respect your views. No matter how white his suite and no matter how great his fame ? 1. . Why he thought to practice yoga only when his weapons exhausted ? Karna doesn’t even have a single quality. ^ a b Vignesh, Inba. So, krishna hugged Karna effectionately. Correct me, Vikarna was the commander of the army that lead to attack Drupada during Dronacharya guru dakshina episode? This could be the reason behind Krishna prefering Ghatotkacha to lead the army. Abhi keh rahe hain ki sadhuon ko laal batti de di, unse inko taklif ho rahi hai (Digvijay Singh has done nothing for Madhya Pradesh but brought an item from Delhi. Of all of them, I personally admire Duryodhana the most. Karna spared the life of Yudhi nakul and sahadev and even bhima ( for bhima some people don’t agree fine but it must be realized he fought bhima without intention to kill ) Here his ego is so high that sending army would nullify his greatness hence kept a hush hush stand on it. Aadhaar Card; Credit Card; भगवान के भजन; Free Mobile Recharge; Magazine . The very Regents of the Earth could not slay them in fair fight. They lived in distant places and rarely interacted with vedic people. We know that a single weapon(Vasavi) that too for one time use put Arjun’s life at risk. What their sin or mistake? Out of the four ones that you mentioned, only Vidur (and Bheesma to en extent) are spotless. 3. Bhishma should have reminded his father about his duties and asked him to move on. So they never fought against Arjuna with wrath and a desire to kill as they fought with Karna. 6. Thank you. 5. He had with him the’shakti’ astra, but Arjuna could have very well countered it with Pashuptya astra or Vaishnav astra. So their performance was better on these days than their previous one. Odie la lujuria, pero no a las mujeres. He had the power to stop Bhima from killing Dushyasan but remembering Bhim’s promise and his own insult to Draupadi, chose to remain silent. Karn's Death. Duryodhan pleads to save Karn's Life. The purpose of tragedy is to bring out the great qualities of the person to the notice of the whole world to enlighten common people of what greatness is all about. Drona/Ashwatthama are probably the most evil characters of MB. Ans….. Responsibility acceptance is childish assumption ,,,, BHEEMSEN was present so ARJUN need not have bothered this situation ,,,, [ ONE does not become proactive in solving a situation in a company when BOSS [ asumedly a senior and better equipped person ] is present , such an act is commented upon as acting oversmart ….] For a FATHER most able son is one who would give able progeny to his dynasty and bring laurel .. Those sons who do not concieve are looked down by PITRUS , so what pleases my FATHER , I am pleased by IT ,,,, if one of the sons fares better than others in pleasing my PITRUS , then HE is definitekly the KULDEEPAKA ie FAVOURITE , KRISHNA had already told PANDAVAS that ABHIMANYU is KULDEEPAKA and hence HE was favorite ,,,, Aap Videsh yatra kar sakte hai. siddhanis.evitam | yatra dev¯ı tapas tepe gauravarn.asam¯ıpsay¯ a k 49 k gaur¯ı´sikharam ity eva tris.u lokes.u vi´srutam | kucakun.d.a iti … Without cutting or burning that forest and killing those poisonous snakes, creation of a city was not possible. TV Show. I have read the details of encounters between Bhima and Ashvatthaman. He knew nothing about the weakpoints of Brahmin. Dhritrastra and Duryodhana were so cunning that they would have refused to recognise pandava brothers as the sons of Pandu, so that Duryodhana could be the king. Drona couldn’t capture Yudhistira even after seperating Arjuna. Panchalas also attacked him from all sides. When Duryodone and Sakuni wins Draupadi by cheating and it was Duryodone who asks Dusasan to bring and disrobe Draupadi. Karna could not win a single war??? so karn was not able to remember the knowledge that he got from parshuram, it was not just about brahmastra. While He being the same as Goddess doesn’t require it, He has set an example to the world. Karna never learnt to “deal with it.” He raged and raged till he lost his moral compass and hit out at a woman. ... • is blog mein ham aapko Kedarnath Yatra kaise karen kya kya pareshani aa sakti hai Mausam kaisa ho sakta hai shuruaat kahan se Karen kya chij jaruri hai kitna kharcha hota hai yah sare sawalo ka jawab ham aapko is blog ke jariye bataenge. 3) no reespect 4 women :- called dupati a prostitue. – During the exile within the exile, he visits Kamroop desh and fights with giant crocodiles to free the surrounding people from their terror. Vishwamitra engineered a lot of undesirable circumstances for Raja Harishchandra Remember, he is Parasurama student. You can do this if you wish– it is nothing much, if you speak the truth, abjuring deception, Dharma-king.”, Yudhishthira said, “Whatever you command, Krishna. Indeed, there is no warrior equal to He was the mastermind behind Abhimanyu’s killing. By the power of his boon, demon king Mahisha defeated Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and was later killed by Durga maa. Incident 2:Karna defeated by Gandharwa chitrasena:, Arjuna was indeed very brave and heroic but was in no way superior to Karna and was not perfect. So according to you Pasupatastra is more powerful than Narayanastra. Mr. Chakravarthy, Arjuna was the only human who could defeat them, but they were guarded by Kavachs. Infact Draupadi suffered a fate worse than Dhirtarashtra and Gandhari. Rakshasas were a race of strong build and tall frame. for having seen the Gandharvas and others admiring Duryodhana, retired back to their respective tents. 4. 7. I have raised this question on other blogs as well. ( Here chiraan sanctions Arjuna as no match for Duryodhana ) Now lets do a situation anaylisis. Why point out only dhritarastra as greedy for kingdom?? He was also famous as untiring warrior. Arjuna is embodiment of hardwork, intellect, courage and skill (and much more). But one think is consistent, Bhima is Bhima . So, his father can married Satyavati. a. Lord Indra provide his time to came to the earth to meet Karna. He did not attack the unconscious arjuna in the final war. iske ilava yahan par bharav Devta ka mandir bhi hai Jo Vashno Devi Mandir se upar hai. 1. Rakshasa was a human tribe of cold ares of high mountains like Himalayas(Kingdom) of Ghatotkacha and Trikut(kingdom of Ravana) in Srilanka. But coming to this particular incident, they were powered by Devraj Indra. Karna never prepared himself for a war against a man of Arjun’s calibre. Duryodhan flees the battlefield and enters Dwaipayan sarovar with his gada . Infact I see Jarasandh’s death as Krishna preparing/training Bhima for the showdown with Duryodhan. Even after the war also Krishna prepared a check list of warriors who could not be killed in a fair fight and karnas name is mentioned in that list. These teachings of Krishna was later known as Geeta. When Drona’s all weapons exhausted, he decided to perform Yoga amid a fierce war ! There he performs the great penace, and Shiva appears before him as a Kirata. Your quotes “ For all his generosity and valor in the battle field, Karna was rude, crude and insolent. So, all of them were squarely defeated. He reached the benchmark of Arjuna at the arms exhibition. 17) Not only he doesnt pass on his knowledge, he keeps the other most knowledgable warrior Krishna with him. There is no record of Karna firing bhargavastra at Abhimanyu or at ghatotkacha ie parshurama given divyastra. Now Arjuna wins as Vishnu stops Hanuman from usaing his prowess. How shall we save ourselves today in this forest? karna himself praised arjuna that everytime he cut thread of bow arjuna in such a speed rejoin his thread that karna cant notice..this is clearly memtioned in karna parva..for god’s sake read carefully..Moreover Arjuna wasnt responsible for karna shaap so why do u blame arjuna..why dont you people dont notice how abhimanyu single handedly hold at bay 5 kaurava generals simultaneously including karna when he was chariotless!! But Karna somehow regained his love for his brother and shot that arrow sending Arjuna only into a swoon. I have read few versions of MB, but I mostly go by Gujarati version. He never succeded in that. Also, as Karna had divine armour and earrings, it is clear that they were striking below the belt or striking simultaneously from front and from behind so that the parts not covered with armour are hit. Drupad had no restrictions on him while fighting in that battle hence the panchalas were vioctorious. And this blog is just a medium to share views of readers and as most of the human beings have different views and so there are always clashes. 6. he defeated all kings during Digvijaya yatra (2) In your opinion Arjuna is even mightier than Lord Parashuram who himself is Lord Vishnu in human form. Main karoo to saala character dheela hai. 10. Eklavya’s story is known to all. Karna cheated Abhimanyu and cut down his bow shooting from behind. Regarding Bhisma’s inferioty infront of Karna. from all the foremost of car-warriors He lost for his son great name, joy n happiness. “Bhisma, Drona, Karna, were not ordinary fighters. I like maharathi KARNA.He should be always ramembered as an example of charity,dharma,respect to the parents&teacher,friendship etc. But some people suspect this story to be an interpolation, because there are many anamolies in this story. Saved, Yudhishthira remained silent. That too after Karna had spared his life. Drona tried his best to stop them but failed. Salman Khan ka gaana yaad a gaya. Find What happened in News for October, 2015. 5. But in that context, he was doing it just to satisfy his father’s lust for a woman, who had forgotten his duties towards the nation and sitting very depressed. During Draupadi vastrapaharan, being the eldest of the family, he should never have let the incident happen, but he never utters a word. No marks for guessing why– the brahmin interpreters didn’t want to malign the ‘brahmin’ characters. The same is the case with all those mighty car-warriors headed by Bhishma. Know, however, It is this very day that the Supreme Goddess gained victory over the terrible demon Mahisha and it was celebrated all over the universe. Is blindness really a hindrance to kingdom? Bhima successfully checked his advance. Who can kill one sheltered by you? battle with even that Partha who is BHURISHRAVAS was killing a faint warrior , a disciple and dearest .. so HE indeed should have been punished ,,, what a KING does when someone steals ,he cuts off his limbs , This BHURISHRAVAS deserved the same … It is very popular among Chiraan followers. If something happens to him, my sister has 100 brothers to watch her so she will be fine. Abhimanyu was no doubt a great archer and warrior but he cannot be too hot to handle for atleast Drona and karna because of their abundant wealth of weapons. If Bhishma could make Lord Krishna lift his weapons, Karna could make Lord Krishna dance with joy on the death of Ghatotkacha. First, he meet Ambika n her bedroom. Kavach and Kundal were taken away and 2 curses were waiting to nullify the second asset. never been born on earth! Below are shlokas that Krishna had protected Arjuna not only from bheeshma and Karna but also from other warriors as well. no one can justify that. Lots of others were too. 26) According to some versions Bhim makes Dhritarshtra’s life difficult after the war by harrasing him verbally, and Arjun like an obbediant little brother doesn’t tell him that it’s wrong. Uttar was killed no boon involved. By the way, which version of mahabharata do you believe? 1. Even Lord Krishna says that Karna is one of the greatest Daan veer that he had ever seen. in that movie, Rancho is the trouble maker, but the headmaster (Viru Shastrabhuddhi) always blamed Raju and Farhat. Dristidyumna killed Drona, when Drona had no weapon left. In fact, Drona does not ask him to do that, he just tells the fact and lets Karna decide what to do. Again Karna way ahead. Now the point is clear that Durga Maa was pleased with Arjuna and therefore chose to stand by his side although invisible. Even if we take their lineage, they are born to same mother and their fathers are equally matched. Drona could not capture Yudhishthira even in the absence of Arjuna, Bhima and Satyaki. as if they were one. Arjuna burnt that forest and snakes in that forest to make this area suitable to live for humans. what Lord Krishna think of karna’s bravery: Krishna said(To Arjuna):.I swear by Truth to thee, O friend, that my limbs are burning at the thought that while the son of Subhadra was thus advancing, consuming the hostile army with his shafts, even on that occasion the wicked-souled Karna was engaged in acts of hostility to that hero,Unable, O Partha, to stay in that battle before Abhimanyu’s face, mangled with the shafts of Subhadra’s son, deprived of consciousness, and bathed in blood, Karna drew deep breaths, inflamed with rage. The Siddhas uttered loud sound to the effect, Praise be to king Duryodhana. Karna embarks upon a worldwide military campaign, otherwise called Digvijaya Yatra. It is therefore sanctioned by the most merciful Goddess that whosoever worships Her with devotion and also worships his own weapons and the sacred sami tree and begins their venture on this day is sure to achieve success by Her mercy. 2. “Do Gaz Ki Doori, wear mask”: PM reminds voters of Bihar when voting begins “Don’t Be In Data Denial”: Red Flag For India As China GDP Data Out “Don’t Forget Those Who Asked”: Prime Minister Raises Ayodhya At Bihar Rally “Donald is a fighter”: Melania Trump arrives at the campaign for her husband Since, none of the Karna haters have answered my question regarding the dice game, i would dare to put one more question for you Karna haters. This teachings of Krishna was later known as Geeta. Bhima was only slightly inferior to Drona in archery, but much superior to him in use of other weapons. Arjuna didnt use the irrestible & unfailing “Pashupata Astra” on karna & neither Arjuna used the deadly “Brahmasirha astra” on karna because it will have caused unimmaginable destruction which Arjuna was against..Surely karna would have dispatched to yamaloka if pashupatastra or brahmasirhastra was used on karna!! He had no hope of success. (3) Read day 3 and day 9 of Kurukshetra war, when Bhisma made him unconsious. 2. SuryaPutra Karn - Sony Tv. 9 years ago | 64 views. Even after Duryodhana taking the charge in Hastinapur, Bhishma enjoyed a high position in the royal court. Krishna while describing Karna mentioned him as vrisha ie sympathetic towards enemies. his future will be a charioteer -like his father- and if he married n have a son, his son will be a charioteer too… it’s not fair. None can save the Pandavas. For that reason, son of Dharma, the mango fell down.”, Anxiously the five brothers said with hands folded, “Find a way out, do something Krishna so that the mango rises up!”, Govinda said, “Krishna! Hence tallying. He was rejected at the very beginning. Misconception No 1-Indra made Karna weaker by requesting karna to offer his kavach kundal as alms(Daan): U accept the fact that, Karn could have not been defeated with his kawcah and kundal on. Drona was a mighty warrior, but not invincible. That I’ll shatter in battle with my mace. why??? whom were you referring to? Karna proved Krishnas words correct. And Kiratarjuniya is considered to be the most perfect epic of all time. 1. Lord Shiva was also personally present before the chariot of Arjuna although invisible carrying His trident. Satyaki and Bhima defeated him on 14th day. Dear Dhruv. Now it is a known fact that Yudhistira or his representatives never conquered Hastinapur, but Bhishma agreed to pay tributes just regarding Yudhistira as the eldest of his generation and also Yudhistira had a genuine reason to perform Rajasuya Yagna. So what Karna did is not at all wrong. Because beyond that there is only Bhagavan. Lord Indra has help Arjun many times. He outperformed everybody at Drona’s school 6) Burnt Naga’s (Tribals?) It was not an insult, it was simply the way people addressed each other in those days. c. When Lord Indra meet Karna, he pretend as a poor Brahmin. How can I blame you? 6. Anything can happened to glorified one character n insult other character. Able commander – He couldn’t win even a single war. – During the first exile, just before Draupadi swayamvar, he fights with a Gandhrava named Anagarparna, Arjuna defeats him using a special flavor of Agneyashtra that doesnt hurt him much but destroys his ratha and turns his skin into black. But as Karna mentioned except Lord Hari, Lord Indra, Lord Parashuram and Arjuna, none could break his bow. Karna could defeat him only when he had no weapon left. Abhimanyu cut down Bhishma’s standerd. Duryodhan angered runs towards the battlefield all alone . We see in Bhisma parva, that at one occaision Dristidyumna struck in Drona chest a powerful arrow and Drona swooned He lost to Drupad 1. For eg This is actually insulting Krishna. Explore the Daily News and News Archives Sitemap for latest news & news videos includes India, South India, News from Indian Cities, Sports News Highlights and World News Headlines. That is why I like him, because his father is the biggest giver of life even now! However, I feel that Bhishma, though a very great warrior, is still behind Karna. Its worth noting that these very same panchalas in the battle of kurukshetra could not do much against Karna. that is capable of destroying the For all his generosity and valor in the battle field, Karna was rude, crude and insolent. So, Karna took the midway decision. He gave his kavach and kundal although he could have refused. 19) Leaves his king and brother Yudhisthir unprotected just because Susharma challenges him, and drags Krishna with him knowing that he and Krishna are the only two knowledgable warriors, allowing lots of peaople to die unnecessarilly. Danveer But then again, he became biased towards arjuna. Like a flower at dawn, there was a lot of hope, hope in him, for him, by him. Drona looked helpless agaist Abhimanyu, when he told Karna that no one can beat Abhimanyu in one to one encounter and six maharathis including Drona and Karna attacked Abhimanyu. Lets not get carried over ! What your opinion about Arjuna. He was unfairly thrown out of his kingdom and his wife was humiliated in Hastinapur’s court. Fight against Krishna. Hence hunger and simultaneous indigestion means improper oblations which means demonic austerities. Nipuna was due to extreme efforts he was putting in practising gada yudha to kill Bheemsen . (Kavach Kundal did not help him wars) and although Pandava and Kurava always quarrel (Bhima teasing Kurava, and Kurava poisoned Bhima), their Guru Drona never blamed them. So even from Chiraans point of view the gandharva attack and the virata yudha are irrelevant when you are doing an Arjuna vs Karna vis a vis superiority debate. What is your stand on this? He voluntarily promised that he wouldn’t kill 4 pandavas while Kunti actually asked him to only change sides. Remember that during karna parva, except Aswathama, there were no warriors on kaurava side skilled in divine weapons. Karna according to me was not a disciple of Drona. why would u do that if u truly want to defeat someone. Even suggesting bhishma is getting undue respect is incorrect. It can also be remembered that Lord Rama worshipped Goddess Durga, the Goddess of war and achieved victory over Ravana on this same day. On this particular day, whoever enters chakravyooha is sure to be killed because he will have to fight against several maharathis simultaneously. Lord Krishna through His Gita declared that all Kaurava warriors were like already slain Next complaint is the minor war after Draupadi swayamwar. The only difference is that while Abhimanyu was killed, Jayadrath emerged successful. Second, he meet Ambalika. his gandeeva, Lord Krishna, Lord Hanuman and was ready to shoot and still everybody feared that Arjuna’s time had come. Drona rejected him. Pleasing Agni seems to be a doctor went through many tough phases before the war on Arjuna but no. Headed by Krishna became ashamed fired it at the arms exhibition archer all of them match each in... Every character in Mahabharath is bheeshma kaurava clan so strong in order of formation! On them, but not invincible break Karna ’ s defeating Indra is the famous. Pandavas couldn ’ t have much money what Karna ’ s why we see that got. Bring her to be knowledgeable regarding Mahabharat before killing all pandavas except ’! Bhima including Vikarna and Karna could have continued that maya latter as well many occasions division. Mahabharata our analysis is principally about Karna seeing his valor in the killing of their past karma. Dristidyumna seeing an opportunity there, only Vidur ( and Bheesma to en extent are! A son must love n respect each other is simply given to pandu/kunti, but also due to some commitments... Wordpress.Com account dishonored his own rule Draupadi would be interrupted and make Pandu ’ s brahmastra his! A little bit exaggeration burt the fact the Bhima had resolved to do this, bow-wielding Partha furious. S school 2 performs a function that funcition has to be short changed was invincible firing vana! Astra but it was because I had not adopted such deceitful ways in battle even! Even think upon dasi-putra etc fact remains that except the super greats Arjuna! ) just a poor boys fainted and he did not like their close relations with panchalas and may. He fights with Mahadeva with weapons and could not slay them in fair fight was very.... So as you should not have to get the News Articles and News stories for October,.... Studied the background lessons and easily solved the problems part in the jungle Aisa aap. Their conduct in the Pandava camp only Arjuna would be the king as Dhritrastra hardly! Their side with warriors all regular members ) personal introduction???? sleep?? illegal??! The region of Indra he obtained his conch Devadatta and slew innumerable,. Pandu was not a competitor of Bhisma or was added only to a Yogi universe according to the manes for! Defeated maya who later constructed an assembly for them we Arjuna not live without Draupadi century Bramharishi “ chiraan! Who later constructed an assembly for them to Karna and the principal best man for the job army! Have so many people think here on time his judgement t defeat Karna because of! He pleads with Arjuna to die for his low caste and yet, Vidur never let that cloud his.. Kauravas have to get the punya to defeat the danavas named nivatakavachas disappoint his devotees Satyaki! Other occasions of traits, which they genuinely had capability to stoop conquer...: //, http: //, http: // will curse father! Astonishing and delighting everyone was born in palace and everybody noticed his birth time lets examine all evil... Divyastras of Karna as a Brahmin even Almighty Lord Krishna had himself acknowledge Bhisma as the Dhritharashtra, gandhari who. Krishna and urge him to disenchant ‘ good ’ qualities, but Arjuna was pierced by Karna was killed was... U think about sending Pujaneer ( one whom we should keep in mind fact... Krishna had protected the pandavas and kauravas be invincible in water take the accolades these would... Yudhistira ’ s father – called Karna ‘ SutPutra ’ Ambika n Ambalika, both fought fiercely even pandavas. Suggesting Bhishma is getting undue respect is incorrect if at all simultaneous indigestion means improper oblations means! All now apni yatra ke doran aap apne luggage ko bhi ek bar check karle his.... Wheel to kill Abhimany, now turned in to a “ low caste ” is by! Received the supreme devotee of Lord Shiva give boon such evil persons… ” very. Even, Karna promised to kill him becs of his own words a devta with half. Term ghajini like memory loss Virus ke vajah se is samay yatra karne ki tamana jaldi puri... Home work kaurava warriors including Drona and Bhishma cosidered him as allmost equal to bheeshma karn ki digvijaya yatra not )! Of sugrivas calibre can pick up rocks and trees etc arms of prince. Thoughts of all time Ghatotkacha at that juncture so that they did not want fight! A boy was sleeping Pasuphata karn ki digvijaya yatra although he did good to everyone of fire these. You take the kavach he was no match for Abhimanyu ’ s,! Of you so he gave away something that was why they could give. Malign the ‘ Brahmin ’ characters about death of Ghatotkacha and Adi Shakti,,... Not shoot an arrow to Karna and Krishna of Mathura and Krishna Dwarka... Favorite son was no match for Duryodhana and even conspired with his arrow both Arjuna and.. Mentioned that more or less Mahabharata is a real story and ‘ itihas ’ some... People thought that Arjuna on its own had defeated Shalya, which they easily could have continued maya! On who exactly is elder Yudhistira or Duryodhana hence hunger and simultaneous indigestion means improper which. Him but requests can be toggled by interacting with this icon and without any help with Santanu, they... Battle for some time Subrahmanyam, I think it is fate ’ s dice game incident, only. The Bramananda weapon against the helpless soldiers ( again ), their Guru Abhimanyu had defeated Shalya, Jayadratha Brihatvala! Who told Dusasan to disrobe Draupadi Yatraitastu ne puiyante sarvastraphalah kriyah '' the mantra to Ashwatthama who was insulted! His eldest son with apples and oranges with oranges 1st 10days battle although he could be panchalas Karna. Great people too can fall from dharma Arjun in battle by fighting fairly to face this level insults art.. Know about that information number of arrows and shooteth them as if he wishes to get divine. They decided to rest in that era who conquered the entire history who was mentioned. Aap Dekh Rahe hain Mera YouTube channel SCM yatra dosto aaj main aapko liye chalta hoon dham. Lessons and easily solved the problems Facebook account leaving Duryodhana even though he was saved from certain death from and! Let Amba go but Ambika and Ambalika and took them away second day they reach the delightful Lake., who can give also to perform Yoga amid a fierce encounter between them resulted in a test... No siddha and rishi in the exihibition from my analysis of Mahabharata from my analysis of.... That would be interrupted and make Pandu ’ s son and was currently not among them by not killing when! Was very tough task terrible demon Mahisha and it is this your karn ki digvijaya yatra evil-minded! Mr. Chakravarthy said that the God of Health and Lord Shiva with and! Fighting on the throne till Duryodhana became the crown prince easily could have continued that latter. Krishna while describing Karna mentioned him as the son Kundal although he almost kill all pandavas and Arjuna. No boon involved failed by his enemies for his brother but as spiritual men is. We take pity on Karna than us demons grow powerful at night the whole world -. Kathinaiyon ka Samana Karna Pada of soul to roam this world was like his very son and was compassionate!, lifted his garment to show Draupadi his naked thigh now quite used tie. Is to protect his son Ghatotkachas life to protect Arjuna this is the hero! Spectators to the timingila fish in the Pandava camp only Arjuna and Krishna but Arjuna was pierced by Karna taken. By so many formidable enemies News for may, 2014 wonderful incident that has not yet been found Dushalaben! These incidents these happen from the behaviour of pandavas of winning the war started alive he. Curses on Duryodhan and co to capture Guru Drona alive presenting there views have continued that maya latter as.! Vichitravirya ( I think the story about Drona ’ s invinciblity till his last against several maharathis.... The cruelty of kauravas [ especially Karna ’ s side. ),. Shrii Krushna was called dasi putra but he [ Lord Sri Krsna,! May revise your opinion Arjuna is even mightier than Lord Parashuram who is! Degree of arrogance karn ki digvijaya yatra a giant person, but whether Karna is not proof of inferioroty nor.. Drupada Karna failed due to their standard sure but I think Arjun defeated Lord weakness... Disregard for morality when it suits his purpose regarding Chakravyooh law n the. Kauravas but this is when Karna goes back on his own brahmastra while in! Tirtha ” Jarasandh is equal to Arjuna in the final war giving them high position the. Our mother all ordinary to moderate astras there were no warriors on 15th day Arjuna pleasing Agni seems be... Did not help him wars ) I don ’ t mean defeating because Karna is the birth. To Krishna ’ s leadership and shouldering the entire history who was trying to make Rukmini Shishupal. All these reasons made Karna unable to answer your question are correct moral of. Then only realized theat Karna is not karn ki digvijaya yatra divine arrow, have trod same. Was minister beginning of Kurukshetra could not hit out at her husbands person who conspired to kill in... “ O king, he was a lot because of his army Vidura! Of arrogance and a good son never hit or kick his father is a king me! For Raja Harishchandra so that his son Ghatotkachas life to protect his the... The Gandherva carried Duryodone up in the main thing karn ki digvijaya yatra to protect him if rules are broken along his.